Hanmi Science with the Gene of “Innovation” Made an Eye-catching Response for Post-coronavirus Era


Hanmi Science, with its "innovation gene", has always been different. The recent example of the “innovation gene”, the uniqueness of Hanmi again catches people's attention. A month ago, in response to the post-coronavirus era, Hanmi released a vision plan, which is strikingly similar to President Moon Jae-in's recent "Korean New Deal". From improving new drugs, compounding new drugs to exporting innovative new drug technologies, Hanmi is taking the lead one-step ahead at every critical moment, demonstrating its innovation in dealing with the post-coronavirus era. Hanmi's leading vision has already attracted a great deal of attention to the potential outcomes it could bring in harmony with the government's Korean New Deal and the process it will lead the future of the industry.

On the 14th of this month, President Moon Jae-in announced the "Korean New Deal", a national project aimed at restoring the economy after the COVID-19. Hanmi Science, the holding company of Hanmi Pharm, has released the great six visions on the 15th of last month, whose visions are in line with the “Korean New Deal”.

'Digital New Deal' and 'Green New Deal' of Korean New Deal are the two key visions in the six visions of Hanmi Science. Experts from Hanmi Science said: "As the Korean New Deal has been strongly promoted by the President, it is injecting policy momentum into the group's future vision." This is a growth momentum plan that reflects the government's strong will to deal with the "post-coronavirus era". From this point of view, the future development trend of Hanmi Science will undoubtedly receive much attention.

"Cydio Sigma" of Hanmi Science is a concept put forward by the Lim Chong-yoon, the CEO of Hanmi Science, who combined the English initials of the six visions. The six visions include key words such as "Education", "Digital", "Oral", "City", "Green" and "Marine". The six visions include Cyber Education, Digital Bio, Oral Bio, City Bio, Green Bio and Marine Bio.

Hanmi Science said that it has been innovating in the Digital New Deal (digital, cyber, AI) proposed by the government. Now the company is operating a smart plant capable of producing 6 billion tablets a year by integrating information and communication technology (RFID, etc.) with big data, and is developing next-generation innovative medical infrastructure systems such as electronic distribution network management system and unmanned prescription system. The subsidiary company Hanmi Pharm is also collaborating with Stamdig, an AI-based new drug development company, to discover innovative new drug candidates. On-line farm, another affiliate, is using a non-face-to-face automatic prescription filing system “Onkiosk” in national pharmacies. At the same time, Hanmi Science also stressed that JVM, which has the technology for an automated pharmacy dispensing and management system, will lead the fourth industrial revolution in the field of automatic dispensing as a subsidiary of Hanmi Science.

In addition, “Eavidnet” a big data specialist invested by Hanmi Science, has the technology to produce big data by safely unifying medical information generated by medical institutions around the world without invading personal information. As COVID-19 spread across the world, the COVID-19 standard data constructed by Eavidnet was shared in a research marathon held by the Global Medical Big Data Consortium. More than 350 researchers from more than 30 countries around the world, including the National Institute of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins University and Oxford University, took part in the research marathon. It is worth mentioning that the data was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which makes it more meaningful.

The second axis of the Korean New Deal, “Green New Deal,” also shares the same “Green Bio” as suggested by Hanmi Science. Hanmi Science is working with the potential venture company "BioApp" to develop plant-based vaccines. Since the vaccine through green bio does not utilize eggs or animal cells, it is expected that it can solve various problems arising from large-scale facilities in the existing carbon emission process.

In particular, Hanmi Science explained that "Green Bio" is capable of mass-producing vaccines in a relatively short period of time without the fear of environmental pollution in the "pandemic outbreak". In fact, egg-based vaccines take about six months to produce, while plant-based vaccines only take about one month (4 to 6 weeks). It is predicted that if seasonal influenza overlaps with coronavirus pneumonia, it will be difficult to ensure that vaccine production meets the demand. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a professional GMP facility with a green biological basic process system in South Korea.

In line with the government's Korean New Deal, Hanmi Science plans to lay various business foundations to realize the six visions previously announced. Hanmi Science said: "We welcome the government's policy that focuses on nurturing the 'green' and 'digital' fields. Hanmi Science will work with the government to make every effort to lead the fourth industrial revolution of green and innovative digitalization with the industry."

Source: Medical News