Ofmom “Trip for Growth Care” Activity Enters the Luoyang Children Welfare Association


On July 1, 2016, Luoyang Children Welfare Association welcomed Ofmom loving team. This “Trip for Growth Care” was launched by Ofmom, which brought the Ofmom milk powder and medicines worth 160,000 yuan to children of the welfare association. It also worked with the expert team of Luoyang Orient Hospital to do the health gratuitous treatment for children; Ofmom specially made the music interaction for children. According to the growth development features of children of different age groups, it exchanged and interacted with children in a pertinent manner, hoping to pass love and warmth through music. During this period, children not only received the milk powder and medicines donated by Ofmom, but also harvested the strong concern and love given by the social family. For children of the welfare association, the help in life and the comfort in psychology mean the same. While providing the scientific dieting plan that benefits children all their life, Ofmom has also built the good models on the road of public benefit.